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Prepaid that pays

Date Mar. 7th 06:36 PM Icon 4532 Date 1


Convert ur mobile phone from a liability to an asset easily!
And let ur mobile phone pay u for life...

Yes... Your mobile phone can give you the solution that you are looking for...

It may not have been possible before this, but it is now...

All this while, your mobile phone has been a liability to you. You needed to pay to use it. And you had no choice... Whether you liked it or not, you needed to pay in order to use it...

Not anymore my friend...

The time has come for you to transform your mobile phone into as asset. It is finally possible to allow your mobile phone to pay you and put money into your pocket instead!

You can finally earn an income for doing something that you have always done... You can make calls, talk to people send SMS'es and get a big fat commission every month, month after month, for the rest of your life!

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