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Age and depth of talent to buynba2k

Date May. 11th 02:44 PM Icon 68 Date 1


Age and depth of talent was the problem. Brooklyn's fairly young now, so that problem is gone. But there's still a dearth of talent.In this respect, does culture change actually provide any benefit or boost? Or is it just a euphemism for good coaching and aligned coach-management goals? A culture change is what happens when you don't have anything else to sell. Everyone talks about changing the culture because it's a convenient distraction during a NBA Live Coins rebuilding project.

Don't worry about wins and losses, just focus on the culture! It's less messy. That said, the Nets needed a complete overhaul from front office to players. So if you're going to do it that way, why not go all in on everything?The Nets are now a blank slate and that's probably a good thing. The hard part is that they don't have access to their draft picks for another two years. That's like running a marathon uphill. It's a huge disadvantage in the NBA!

The Knicks experienced that this past season, where a poor result didn't help a bit in the offseason. The draft is the salve for poor performance, and it's unavailable, essentially, for the Nets right now. In that sense, I think what GM Sean Marks did this offseason is smart: he put together a team that might actually be mediocre instead of atrocious. He found value free agents insomuch as value free agents existed this summer, hired a growth and development coach, and moved into the draft to land a prospect.

To be sure, this is unlikely to be any sort of playoff contender

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